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Christoffer originally embarked on a career as a classically trained musician, and it was whilst studying Performance with Pedadgogy at the University of Miami, that his love of coaching was ignited when he had the opportunity to study with Barry Green. Barry had co-authored a book with Tim Galloway entitled The Inner Game of Music, a follow up from the renowned Inner Game of Tennis, which focused on teaching students to do what comes naturally, and how to avoid references to specific pitfalls and habits acquired from primary school and beyond.


Christoffer's degree was focused partly on teaching methods and in this context, the Inner Game Methodology, was inspirational and eye-opening. Practicing meditation and learning the methods of the Inner Game, Christoffer was so inspired by what he was experiencing, that he would offer to coach fellow students, using any instrument, and playing any piece. He also transferred this practice to his own private music students, applying and practicing the Inner Game methodology.


During this time, Christoffer also embarked on the first of many personal development workshops, which now include Psychosynthesis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming, of which he is now a certified master practitioner and trainer consultant.


His lifelong love and practice of various forms of movement, dance and yoga are integral to his practice as a coach – as is the more recent work that he has done with Wendy Palmer, author of the Intuitive Body and the Continuum Movement Work of Emily Conrad.


Christoffer is a member of the Association for Coaching, and works extensively with imagery, symbol, metaphor, and is a great advocate of Clean Caoching and the work by David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley . He holds dearly the work of all these great teachers, as well as the wonderful spiritual Tibetan Buddhist Masters, that have influenced and guided him on his own journey.


Christoffer has worked with, and coached people of all abilities and has spent a large part of his career as an arts practitioner working with people with disabilties. In 1986 he formed Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre Company, with a group of people of varied disabilities and able bodied individuals. It was a very successful, cultural experiment in which dance and sign theatre encouraged people to train in the arts, and toured schools and communities throughout the late 80's and 90's.


In 2000 Christoffer was awarded the prestigious Churchill Fellowship which took him to the other side of the world, studying and experiencing the transformational and healing power of music. He was fortunate to meet some amazing people in all of the countries he visited and was invited to do a MovingSound™ coaching session in the Palo Doro Canyon - a defining moment of his coaching career.


Christoffer works one-to-one with people over the phone, on Skype and by e-mail, and invites people to join him in his studio in the heart of Devon the countryside, for individual and group sessions and retreats. He works deeply with the intuitive wisdom of the body using sound and movement. His sessions in nature - on beaches, mountains, forests, and wild places - create an especially deep sense of connection in both group and individual coaching sessions.


All of the above, as well as his love of sound and movement, his love of people and his deep desire to inspire the highest potential in each and everyone, combines to make Christoffer de Graal, a dynamic and heartfelt coach.

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